Saltarelli Mobili has been on Italian and international markets for over 50 years, committed to researching, designing and manufacturing classic and contemporary furniture and furnishings.

From its very beginnings, the company has always had a mission: to satisfy its customers with collections, ideas and designs, keeping its focus on quality and style, but also on competitiveness and price. It is this two-fold attention that has brought the company success, keeping it alive, vibrant and motivated still today.


The creation of a piece of furniture, whether classical or contemporary, always requires significant input in terms of craftsmanship, based on experience, skill, manual expertise, intuition, passion and technique. Machines are of course essential; technology helps and speeds up production, but human hands are the heritage that Saltarelli cannot and will not do without.


A door that opens correctly, a drawer that glides smoothly, a handle that is firmly attached to a panel. A piece of furniture by Saltarelli is expected to be perfectly crafted in every detail. The processes and professional ethos of the company guarantee that each collaborator works with extreme care and attention, and absolute precision.


The beauty of a piece of furniture, the harmony of a complete bedroom suite, and the balance of a living room are not just the result of an aesthetic factor, although this is extremely important. They are also the result of the quality that Saltarelli seeks and achieves every day, through its choices of materials and workmanship, as well as its tests, inspections, and passion for things well done.

Do you have a design in mind? Saltarelli can make it for you.

Saltarelli works from its own inspired designs, but it is also willing to work on customised projects, collaborating closely with designers, retailers and end customers, working alongside them and advising them during the design stage as well as in the choice of materials and finishes, and the final assembly of the furniture.

As well as its creative and manufacturing energy, Saltarelli is also extremely careful about clean energy. The company production plant has a powerful and efficient next-generation photovoltaic system.

While Saltarelli is committed to continuing and innovating Italian furniture-making traditions, it also continues to look to the future, to innovation and to technology developments.

One of the most important developments regards the company’s energy efficiency and it has resulted in the construction of an extensive photovoltaic system, fitted on the roof of the factory. This installation means extraordinary savings in terms of energy, continuous operation in any situation and maximum respect for the environment.