Saltarelli's classic collection contains a little miracle at the heart of every proposal: great style and elegance with excellent value for money.


Classic style in its most spectacular form

The Sovrana collection includes all of the more obvious shapes and characteristics of traditional classic Italian design: real wood, carved features, inlaid elements, baroque styling and stitched upholstery. The resulting furniture is an absolute joy to look at.

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Classici Contemporanei

A triumph in white with precious gold and silver

White, gold and silver, or even expert combinations of these colours are all about light and beauty, as well as playing an important role in centuries of furnishing history. The Classici Contemporanei collection makes the most of expertise and craftsmanship to enhance the bedroom of those who choose it for their home.

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Ivory or walnut? A genuinely regal collection

Beautiful items, worthy of a palace, can now find a place in every home. As its name says, the Versailles collection in ivory or walnut, is the most affordable way to everyday luxury

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Delicate features that reveal a great love for your home

The distinguishing feature of the Giulietta collection is doubtless the delicate tone of its living room and bedroom furniture. Exquisitely refined designs bring out the full charm of the pale base colour with simplicity and sober styles.

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Mediterranean charm for day or night

There are Italian jewels that the whole world envies. The Amalfi collection is inspired by one of these, perhaps the brightest one. And it’s enough to look at the furniture in this range to understand why, in both the ivory and wood effect finishes.

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The Florence

An elegant tribute to the international capital city of art

Florence is doubtless an international point of reference for world culture. This city, home to undisputed geniuses of art and the cradle of the Renaissance, has given its name to our The Florence collection of living room furniture in ivory or walnut.

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Monumental beauty inspired by the extraordinary civilisation of Ancient Greece

The Greek world is responsible for one of the most elevated forms of grandeur, and that is why it will always be timeless. The Atena collection has used the Greek masterpieces as inspiration for the characteristic decorative elements used here with intelligence and economy, to suit any home.

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