• The Emozioni collection comes from an idea supported by creativity and designer style. The wood effect, combined with clear-cut, well-defined lines lead to exclusive furniture and accessories for those wanting to create a contemporary look.

    Night Area - Day Area

Bedroom Configuration

A triumph of design in a delicious complete bedroom suite. The profiles are clean and well defined, while the inspiration comes from a more glorious, recent past.

Italian design from the latter part of the last century has become the inspiration for the new millennium, based on the masterpieces that have filled museums all over the world. Wood is the key material here. The absolute focus here is the irregular sizing that decorates the headboard and the large mirror on the wardrobe.

Living Room Configuration

It is extraordinary how, in spite of the rigid profiles, this living room is extraordinarily able to be both comfortable and welcoming. Much of this effect is due to the warm tones of wood, divided by light-coloured inserts. Worth noting: the light above the mirror.

Premium-quality quilting

The small diamond shapes in this quilting bring out the full modernity, which is not a gap but rather, an evolution in the art of making furniture.